Assignment: What is or what should a weblog be?

Initially, I had decided this blog would be devoid of activist rantings and favor, instead, ramblings of a more creative and inspiring nature.  I also wanted to share episodes of my life with the cyber-passerby so that certain memes might get a fair shot at being appreciated.  The things that I have seen, often, will be very difficult to believe.  This is to be expected since you and I both were likely to have been born into a world of cruelty, unimaginitiveness, and denial.  Denial of what?

That magic is not only real but that, as well, our inability to wrap our brains around what that would mean is making us destroy ourselves for magic is connection to nature and nature is under attack.

At this weblog, I will tell you the truth.  To the best of my ability, I will tell it to you as close to how it happened as my own memories tell me, and I am not error proof.  What I witnessed and experienced from 1992 to 2004 would make a book that many publishers would never dare publish and not just because I start outside the box and lead the reader even further out.  Essentially, it would be politically dangerous.  I myself have had death threats visited upon me and in my face, not to mention a decade of harassment that is difficult to fathom for most.

But I am not here to ruffle parapolitical feathers.  I am here to share and some of that may be politically controversial but it’s not the point.  I just want to tell the story and that stuff is part of it.  If I leave it out the rest really doesn’t make sense.

These things changed me, forever.  I hope I can share some of the inspiration with you.


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